Four New Updates on the 2018 Range Rover

October 13th, 2017 by

The classic crowd favorite is back! The 2018 Range Rover is sporting new exterior updates, new modern amenities, and interior features that more than exemplify the word “luxury.” Rover lovers, get ready for maximum ease and comfort in this stylish new SUV. Here are four updates on this sleek new Range Rover to look forward to.

Redesigned Grille & Headlights

The face of the brand has a new face itself. The redesigned grille on the 2018 Range Rover displays as much legacy as it does class. And the all-new LED headlights not only provide enhanced visibility, but they also add a daring touch to this already courageous vehicle. These subtle updates carry on the tradition of luxury that the Land Rover brand has worked tirelessly to obtain.

Modern Infotainment System and Enhanced Front Seating

The 2018 Range Rover’s front seats have a perfect combination of comfort and connection. From the 10-inch touchscreen with Infotainment features to the dual-panel climate control, this is a tough vehicle to exit. And if that isn’t enough, enjoy a 25-setting massage feature on each chair, which are wider, by the way. You can adjust the temperature to how you like it, receive a massage, and enjoy maximum entertainment at the push of a very user-friendly button. What more could you ask for?

Executive Rear Seating

Don’t worry, you can still relax in the luxury back seats of the 2018 Range Rover. The term “executive” may be an understatement when describing these features. From heated arm rests to heated and cooled cushions, you’ll be sitting nice and cozy or nice and cool given the time of year. The rear seats even offer calf and foot rests for those long trips where laying back is a must. So, not only are the driver and his front-seated companion taken care of. In the 2018 Range Rover, everyone sits pretty.

Activity Key

Your on-the-go lifestyle now has the perfect accessory. The new Activity Key allows you to leave your key fob in your Range Rover to go live your life with nothing weighing you down. And it conveniently fits on your wrist! When you leave your car, it will lock automatically. And when you return, your Activity Key will allow you full access. No more shuffling around in your purse or pocket.

Gesture Sun Roof

Whether you feel like letting light in or closing some out, the convenient Gesture Sun Roof allows you to open and close the blinds with a simple wave of your hand. The sensors will indicate movement and open or close your sun roof without you having to search for any button, taking your eyes away from the road. And when you exit your Range Rover, the vehicle will always close the blind for you just in case you forgot. Convenience is the name of the game in this fantastic new SUV.

From maximum comfort and convenience to unmatched connection and class, the 2018 Range Rover features some amazing new updates. Pick up this sleek new vehicle, soon to be available at Jaguar Land Rover Peoria – An Uftring Dealership.

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