How to Get to Jaguar Land Rover Peoria – Construction Central!

October 29th, 2018 by

Annoying To Get To – Worth The Trip

We’ve been in the middle of construction on Allen and Willow Knolls Rd. since the beginning of summer. It’s caused one-way lanes, closed sections, and a LOT of unwanted traffic. And right now, we only have one entrance open! There are only a few more weeks in the construction process, which ourselves and all of the other places of business can’t wait for. But, for now, while it seems worse than ever, we’ll tell you how to get to us! It might be annoying to get to, but trust us, we’re worth the trip.

Follow These Steps in Dealing With the Construction

If you’re heading north on Allen Rd. and you come up on one lane of traffic, don’t panic! The lane is open all the way through. In fact, you can turn right into our parking lot at Jaguar Land Rover. If you’re coming up University, however, and you see a sign that says “Willow Knolls Rd. Closed at Allen,” DON’T turn around. You need that oil change and we want to help you. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Turn left onto Willow Knolls Rd. and follow the hill down and up like normal
2. You’ll come up on a “Road Closed” sign. Don’t panic. Just turn left again.
3. Follow the road back until you have to turn right.
4. You should be in between some businesses at this point. Follow the road until you have to make a turn.
5. You’ll notice that you can only turn left onto Terra Vista Rd. Do so.
6. You’ll take an almost immediate right turn on Pasmoso Rd.
7. Drive down Pasmoso and take a right on Allen.
8. Head past the Willow Knolls intersection and you will see us on your right!

We know how annoying it is to have to change your route. Trust us, we do it every day! With that said, we promise we will make it worth your while. Visit Jaguar Land Rover in Peoria today! Whether you’re looking for your new luxury car or you need to change your oil, we will get the job done for you.

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